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Partner Profiles

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Deconstructing wine into a fun, engaging experience for people who want to take that step away from the usual supermarket shelf bottle, without breaking the bank.
Look out for – Prosecco a plenty
Since starting out in 2012, Black Metal Brewery have graduated from brewing in their own homes to their current home – a 1000 litre system in Midlothian. Although the size of the operation may have changed since the start, one thing certainly hasn’t, and that’s the ethos of the brews. Brewed in the sacred ancient tradition, Black Metal dedicatedly perform rituals to bring true spirit into their drinks, allowing you to enjoy a taste of dark magic!
Look out for – “Battering Ram,” session ale
Based in the south side of Glasgow, Clockwork Beer Company is Glasgow’s oldest brewpub. With their microbrewery based on the same premise as their pub, they have been serving up their own brews to customers for a number of years. These have proved so popular that they are now available outwith the pub. If you’re lucky enough to sample some of their wares today, we’re sure you’ll be hotfooting it down the pub the next chance you get!
Look out for – Hampden Roar or Hoptopussy
Based in Glasgow, Deadend Brew Machine is all about brewing small batch artisanal beers taking no shortcuts, securing a number of homebrew awards in the process.
Look out for – “Rigor Portis,” a 6.9% smoked porter
The UK’s first experiential craft brewery with the intention to collaborate, curate and cultivate, Drygate encourages you to get involved and join them on the adventure. The original meaning of drygate is priest’s path. Just a beat from Glasgow’s historic heart, the seven peaks of the Drygate brewery sit cheek by jowl with the city’s medieval cathedral and gothic Necropolis.
Look out for – The core range: “Bearface lager;” “Apple Ale;” or “Gladeye IPA”
In an area well-kent for the poetry of Rabbie Burns, Ethical Ales is showcasing yet more of the quality Ayrshire is renowned for. With a head brewer passionate about his craft, beer names are influenced by the brewery location and the wildlife on its doorstep. The brewery looks out to highland cows grazing, hares, the annual swallow arrival, thistles in the hedgerow, deer in the woods and wonderful British birds in the hedgerows throughout the season. All the beer is handmade in small batch brews and given time to ferment, mature and only kegged when we feel the taste and quality is absolutely right.
Look out for – “Goldfinch Lager” or “Horny Cow IPA”
Ferry Brewery, providing quality un-fined, unfiltered beer that everyone including vegetarians can enjoy. You get that ‘fresh from the tap’ taste even in bottles; hence the FerryTastyAles. As the first brewery in Queensferry since 1851, the brewery captures the history of The Ferry with the ionic Forth Rail Bridge into their logo, names and styles of ales, and historic beer recipes with modern-twist and techniques.
Look out for – “The Ferry Fair”
Jehad Hatu loves craft beer, and what he doesn’t know about what’s out there isn’t worth knowing about. So, he decided to set up the ultimate Glasgow craft beer shop that puts you in control by letting you sample draught beer before you buy it. Then he’ll fill you up with the sample you loved the most – right into your reusable jug called a growler. It’s pretty simple, but the break down is:
“Sample Free Beer
“Fill the Growler
“Drink the Growler
Since it’s starting in 1983, Harviestoun has grown into one of Scotlands best known and most loved craft breweries.
Look out for – “Mischief,” a US-style amber ale
A brewery committed to bringing you top quality ales and beers, using soft Scottish water and premium malt, hops and yeast. Jaw’s aim is to increase the choice available to people discovering the craft beer/real ale alternatives to mass produced blandness. All beers are VEGAN-friendly. And this year they have brewed a beer with Auld’s the baker – that’s in an effort to cut down on food waste and be as environmentally friendly as possible, utilising disused bread for their starch content.
Look out for – “Hardtack,” a blonde beer made from bread
The brainchild of trio Richard O’Brien, Owen Sheerins, and GBBO favourite James Morton, Out Of Town get their name because they brew on the outskirts of Glasgow. The team say that their beers speak for themselves, and new favourites such as The Glasgow Porter and Telford Road Pale Ale have certainly got plenty of people talking.
Look out for
– “North East Coast IPA”
Not having a large oppressive presence to feed (think the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe), Ride Brewert are free to produce what they want, when they want, to the highest quality. Being young, free and single, they can experiment and have some fun – expect intriguing recipes, exciting ingredients and different concepts.
Look out for
– “Early Grave IPA”
Headed up by Declan McCaffery, Shilling’s beer is created in their city centre brewery, and diners and drinkers can watch the process from the otherside of a glass wall in the basement entertainment area. Their core range is led by the 5.2% “Unicorn IPA,” named after a heraldic symbol of Scotland, plus the classic-style 4.4% “Glasgow Red Ale” and the 3.9% blonde ale, “The Steamie”.
Dedicated to brewing good quality beer with respect, the best ingredients, and a passionate team, Tempest have gained recognition for their cutting edge approach, producing award winning beers they themselves actually like to drink.
Look out for
– “Marmalade on Rye,” double IPA
Established as a collaboration between farmer, Ian Rennie, and artist-turned-cidermaker, Peter Stuart, in 2008, Thistly Cross has gained a reputation for making ciders that people rave about. From pressing the Scottish apples and strawberries, to achieving the smooth, balanced Thistly Cross flavour by fermenting with Champagne yeast then maturing for six months; the team are invested at every step of the cider-making process, from apple to cider.
Look out for
– Whisky Cask cider
Top Out’s craft beers appeal to discerning beer drinkers who seek out great tasting, original craft ales and find inspiration in our mountains. Their brew house just south of Edinburgh has been brewing acclaimed,unconventional beers since July 2013. Inspired by brewers the world over, the brewery aims to create the best craft beers they can imagine without compromise, influenced by German, Belgian, American and Scottish brewing traditions.
Look out for
– “Schmankerl” or “The Cone”
Brewing in North East Scotland, six°north of Brussels. Blessed with pure, soft water and fields abound with high quality barley. Belgian Beer is widely recognised as the pinnacle of the brewing process and 6DN have embraced the Belgian Style. Adopting traditions and processes whilst developing and pushing boundaries to supply the growing appetite for craft/artisan beers.
Look out for
– “Hopocrisy” or “Four Saisons”
Returning the lost art of brewing to the town of St Andrews, brewers use a four-barrel brew kit producing in small batches. Each beer is brewed, bottled/kegged and labelled by hand by the small team on site. It’s a labour intensive job for the guys in the brewery, but it’s the best way to ensure the beers are all full-flavoured, balanced and tasty brews.
Look out for
– “Yippie IPA,” a 6% tribute to Die Hard
Taking over the running of a mill that originally manufactured crushed barley for the brewery trade and flour for the local artisan bakers, Strathaven Ales are based next to the river Avon near the market town of Strathaven. Their beers are very traditional and are produced as part of a hands-on, labour intensive process, crafted by three generations of the same family`.
Look out for
– “Summer,” a golden ale and “Ebony,” a oatmeal stout
First established in February 1996, Sulwath Brewery takes great pride in the production of traditionally brewed beers, using only 100 percent natural ingredients. The softness of the local water also plays a vital role in producing beers that have a rounded and mellow flavour, without the harshness that harder water tends to create. It’s not surprising that Sulwath’s beers are now supplied to connoisseur markets as far away as Devon and in the south to Aberdeen in the north.
Look out for
– “The Galloway Gold”
Jake Griffin founded Up Front Brewing in Glasgow in 2015 to share his love of exceptional beers and fantastic artwork with a wider audience. Up Front Brewing has no loans, no investors, and no kickstarter funding, with everything paid for up front. Jake brews by renting space in larger breweries, with each batch paid for as it’s brewed (aka gypsy brewing), helping it grow organically. By working closely with artists from all fields, Jake aims to marry bespoke art and design with quality, small batch beers.
Look out for
– “YoJo,” Jake’s new creation, this is a kalamansi and passionfruit gose, a German sour beer
Glaswegian heart, German head! WEST have been brewing the finest artisan lagers and wheat beers in the UK since 2006, and brew all beers in strict accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516. WEST is the only UK brewery to officially adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, merging centuries of traditional practice with state-of-the-art equipment.
Look out for
– “St Mungo,” already a classic lager at 4.9%
A Brotherhood of brewers, creating unique beers, while enjoying life in and out of the mash tun. Williams Brothers have a mix of historic ales – based on ancient Scottish recipes brewed traditionally with Scottish ingredients – to their own modern spotlights brews.
Look out for
– “Joker,” IPA