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A Plum Dunk


Eaglesham now has its own beer – and you can sample it at the beer festival or in the village.

Brewed in conjunction with Glasgow-based brewery Drygate, the beer is the brainchild of the team behind the Eaglesham Beer Festival – and it’s not what you might expect.

Taking their love of top quality beer and all things German, the team have come up with a wheat beer they are sure will win the hearts of thirsty beer lovers at this weekend’s event – and possibly beyond, as they work to secure a long-term future for the product.

Event organisers Fraser & Laura Wilson said: “This is our third year doing the festival and we always want to improve what we are doing.

“We thought having a beer that we could call our own on the day would be the perfect way to mark the occasion, but the interest level since our trial brew has been really overwhelming, so the goal after the festival is to have it stocked in a few local bars, off licenses and delis.  It’s a really exciting time and we’re delighted we have something that can be fully attributed to the village.”

The beer is a classic hefeweizen, which delivers all the typical tasting notes you’d expect, including cloves and banana. But the beer, called ‘A Plum Dunk,’ comes with a fruity twist, with the team at Drygate using Mirabelle plums in the brewing process to deliver a truly unique beer.

Fraser added: “The craft beer industry has exploded in the last five years, and its brilliant to see. There’s so much variety for customers, and huge opportunity for producers. But one of the problems that creates is repetition, making it hard to stand out in a busy marketplace. We find that there a lot of hoppy IPAs or American Pale Ale type beers out there – we wanted to stand out and try something different.”

“Laura and I love European beers and we love Germany, so we thought we would take inspiration from that when proposing our ideas to the guys at Drygate.
“So we played about with the idea of adding plums to a beer that already has some natural fruit flavours to it, and after a few home experiments we thought we had come up with something that was really tasty.”

“The brewers at Drygate agreed and with their expertise they’ve delivered us a truly remarkable product that we’re sure beer lovers will, well, love! The hope now is that the people of Eaglesham love it too.”